Friday, 14 October 2016

Toni's disco-my recount

GOAL:I am learning to use Capital letters for people and places correctly.

I enjoyed writing this recount because I enjoyed the disco and it felt like I was there still.

I found it challenging to change my writing to make it sound better.

Toni’s disco
I was invited to go to Toni's party at Cameron's Hall.
Angela (Estella's mum) is  taking me there I made a card and gave Antonia $10 for her birthday.
Then we all waited for DJ Ziggy while we were waiting  we all had party food.
Next the DJ came and turned on the music we all started dancing BOOM BOOM BOOM!
After that we all played games first we played boys vs girls dance off Reed won the boys. Next we played air guitar still boys vs girls in the girls Antonia won in the boys Cooper won.
Finally we all pizza and chips for tea I had chips. Then did some classical dancing in peers my partner was Liam king.

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