Thursday, 20 October 2016

Explanation-why our school is special

Goal:I am learning to use Apostrophes for contractions correctly.

I enjoyed writing about why my school is special because I love my school.
It was hard to get different things throw my mind to writing 
Why Paroa school is supreme
I want to explain why Paroa school is the super school in Greymouth.

My main Reason is there are lots of fun things to do like the swimming pool, the two playgrounds, the field and the court. There are activities that we can do in class time like monday mantra, buddy reading and tuakana teina we also have a band we’ve worked our heads off making the Paroa Anthem Mr Sinton white in room 8 does the William pike challenge with the year 8’s.

Another reason is playing in the swimming pool with others, playing soccer on the field or any other games you can play on the field and playing on our two playgrounds one playground is for the year 1-3’s we call it the little kids playground and the other is for years 4-8 and we call the big kids i’m one of those big kids.

Also we have a sand pit next to the little kids playground the year 4’s are allowed on the little kids playground too the little kids playground is next to room 4.

I’m super happy about what school i go to and i’m sure we’re all happy here

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  1. Great writing Jemma, I love reading your stories
    Love Mum


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